Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kurashiki Hina Meguri (倉敷雛娃娃巡禮)

Period():2018-02-24 〜 2018-03-11

About Kurashiki Hina Meguri
Hina dolls are displayed to celebrate the Doll Festival, also known as Girl's Day, on March 3. All kinds of hina dolls and doll accessories from Edo-period (1603–1868), antiques, and contemporary art is displayed all over town in old houses, shopping arcades, cultural facilities, and elsewhere. Be sure to try one of the thematic meals specially prepared for the occasion. This event lasts from late February through early March.


↓ Website of sightseeing in Kurashiki ↓
Website of sightseeing in Kurashiki

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